Record Your Next Album or EP

Record live off the floor and capture the full energy of your band or get more surgical with multi-tracking. Whichever way you prefer to work our acoustically treated live room is great for capturing crisp,clear quality audio that is sure to sound great on your next project

Have any question?

Feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you out. 

Just Want To Record Drums?

With a lot of musicians recording themselves at home these days why not take your productions one step further and come to the studio for the elements you can’t do at home?

Track real drums or maybe really loud guitar cabs. Maybe you just want a great vocal recording in a treated space?

Whatever your needs On-Track Audio is here to help take your productions to the next level.

Work With a Producer

Sometimes having an outside ear on your productions can make all the difference. 

We get married to our creations and sometimes it’s hard to see where something might be lacking or where a good idea can become a great idea. 

Here at On-Track Audio not only will you be capturing great recordings but we aim to help artists get the very best out of their songs and ideas.

Working with a producer can be a fun and highly creative process. Having someone who understands music and great arrangement can be invaluable to a recording session and can be a great learning experience for all involved.

We will be looking to work with a number of producers here at the studio so no matter the artist or genre we will have someone available to help bring your songs to life. 

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